When: Every second Sunday – 2:00pm  to 4:00pm

2:00pm to 3:00pm      the first class
3:00pm to 3:05pm      break time
3:05pm to 4:00pm      the second class         

Price: $60 for one course (two classes), all training materials are supplied.
(For beginners, you may need to take two courses, one course  is trimming and the other one is repotting . Each consists of two classes.)

We have four different Bonsai Courses:

  • Informal Upright Style Course ( Beginner Course)                  
  • Forest Style Course      
  • Cascade Style Course
  • Roots Over Rock Course

All ages welcome. Contact us now to ask about booking your class. We take enrolments anytime during the year.


Note: After you submit this form payment instructions will be sent to you via email.