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We manufacture our own pots in China so you can buy at wholesale prices.


Size Product
180 mm Root Shears
220 mm Root Rake
200 mm Branch Cutter
180 mm Wire Nipper
220 mm Root Rake
100 mm Trimming Shears
180 mm Bud Shears
160 mm Knob Cutter
145 mm Bonsai whisk
8 Piece Stainless Steel tool
set in case
Small Vice
Medium Vice

Gift Ideas

Visit our shop for a large range of gift ideas for all occasions.Want to order Wedding Gifts? Every year, we make a lot of cute bonsai according to customers’ demand.


Give your Bonsai display that special touch with these highly detailed figurines.

Size Product Size Product
4x3x1.5 cm Mountain man 5×3.5×5.5 cm Fisherman with Bare Feet
4×3.5×5 cm Hut 3x1x2.5 cm
5×1.5×4 cm Sailing Boat 6.5x5x4 cm Color Bonsai Men
7×2.5×5.5 cm Sailing Boat


These books are highly recommended by Simon as some of the most comprehensive Bonsai books on the market.

Pocket Encyclopedia, BONSAI

by Harry Tomlinson


Nursery Goods

We supply everything you need to create or look after your unique Bonsai

  • Special Bonsai Potting Mix (4Lt, 10Lt, 25Lt)
  • Wires of all types(100g, 500g)
  • Insecticides


Size Product
1.0 mm Carded Wire 100g
1.5 mm Carded Wire 100g
2.0 mm Carded Wire 100g
2.5 mm Carded Wire 100g
3.0 mm Carded Wire 100g
3.5 mm Carded Wire 100g
17cm x 27cm Pot Sole Mesh

10 Lt Potting Mix
100 mm Bonsai Fertilizer
440 mm Bonsai Fertilizer
100 mm Top Dressing Pebbles
440 mm Top Dressing Pebbles