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Courses and workshop

Come join us here at orient bonsai nursery and learn how to cut, trim, repot and wire your bonsai in our small but fun classes with our professional teachers who will turn you into a bonsai master in no time at all!!

*Application required before attending

1) 1st beginner course will start again on the 14th of January 2023 which is a Saturday from 2 pm- 4 pm ( as long as we have more than 1 person)

2)  All beginner courses are on a Saturday from 2 pm-4 pm 

3) All forest-style courses will be on Sunday from 2 pm-4 pm

4)  Workshops (stop on the second week of December)

5) 6 people limited for every class

Please fill out our online form or feel free to come in and sign up in person and check out our bonsai!!

2:00pm class begins
4:00pm class ends

Beginner Course price: the class itself cost $80 for the beginner course all training and materials are supplied including the pot and bonsai plant. Should you wish to purchase your bonsai after the class it will be another $80.

Forest style course: the price for the forest style class will be $80 and should you wish to purchase the bonsai you make it after it will cost $100.

Important: should you wish to bring another person to the class (your husband, wife, son, daughter, or just a friend please feel free to contact the store ( number provided on the contact information page ) and let us know so we can sort that out for you.

All ages are welcome. We do take enrolments all year round so please don’t hesitate to sign up today.

Please make sure you have already completed the beginner course first before advancing to the next course, once you have filled out the form online or in-store we will contact you about the class times and availability line, we will arrange the workshop and contact you.

We have four different Bonsai Courses:

  • Informal Upright Style Course ( Beginner Course)                  
  • Forest Style Course      
  • Cascade Style Course
  • Roots Over Rock Course

All ages are welcome. Contact us now to ask about booking your class. We take enrolments anytime during the year.


    Note: After you submit this form you will be taken to payment page. Please pay to confirm your booking for the class. Thank you.