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Courses & Workshop Schedule in August! Welcome to attend the course!

on 19/01/2020 Sunday afternoon (2pm-4pm): Beginner Course.

 Workshop  (Please find the details below)

11/01/2020 Saturday 10:30am-12:30pm:

*Appointment & Deposit requered

Please make the payment $50 on phone by credit card for your deposit.Thanks

on 04/01/2020 Saturday (2pm-4pm): Beginner Course.
on 24/08/2019 Saturday afternoon(2:00pm-4:30pm) Japanese Maple Forest Style Course

2:00pm to 3:00pm      (the first class)
3:00pm to 3:05pm       (break time)
3:05pm to 4:00pm       (the second class)       

Course Price: $60 for one course (two classes), all training materials are supplied. Not including the plant and pot we provided. You can have the best price to buy the bonsai that you made yourself

Advanced Workshop: Simon will help and teach you how to trim and design your own tree.

You can bring your own tree to the workshop, learn how to trim and make a pose by yourself, Simon would give you professional and special guidance. You can share different kind trees experience from each other to get more idea.

(Price:$80 for one course two hours.

Important: You can bring two trees that each size below 12 inch and one tree between 12 inch to 18 inch. Over 18 inch only one allowed and will overcharged depend on the size.)
if you don’t take any bonsai and tree, you can buy a tree and a pot to create your own bonsai in the workshop and learn the trimming and designing.

Make sure:You already achieve the base knowledge level, once you registered from online, we will arrange the workshop and contact you.

We have four different Bonsai Courses:

  • Informal Upright Style Course ( Beginner Course)                  
  • Forest Style Course      
  • Cascade Style Course
  • Roots Over Rock Course

All ages welcome. Contact us now to ask about booking your class. We take enrolments anytime during the year.


Note: After you submit this form payment instructions will be sent to you via email.